How Does Bluetooth Beacon Marketing Work?

Over the past few months I have been asked how does bluetooth beacon marketing work? With the recent media hype and even some fallacies being spread by some companies with beacon offerings it’s pretty important that you get the right information.

The right knowledge base doubled up with the fundamentals of beacon marketing will serve you when you get started with Beacon Tends.

Let’s get you started off with the right knowledge! 

Picture this, you’re walking into your favorite shopping mall looking for that awesome deal. As you walk your way towards that first department store, your cellphone vibrates, and a notable ring sounds off.

You immediately look at your phone to see that you’ve received notifications from your favorite brands offering you a 20% discount on your next purchase in store. Your mood lights up with excitement with that little voice in your head saying, “how did they know I wanted those things?”

Has this ever happened to you before?

With more smartphones in use than ever before, shoppers are shifting their searches to their mobile devices, looking for great buys to determine if they will enter a store or not. The modern consumer is becoming very aware of all the ways they can score great deals on products or more importantly, learn about the product.

So how can small businesses, network marketing professionals and entrepreneurs not only reach and retain customers but provide excitement as well with beacons?

How Does Bluetooth Beacon Marketing Work?

In 1960 when Jerome McCarthy introduced the “Four P’s of Marketing,” using Product, Price, Promotion and Placement as the pillars of a marketing strategy it has served marketing professionals well.

Although the Four P’s have gone through various iterations over the years, I believe that another “P” - “Proximity” - is most relevant to sales today, as it represents the final connection between consumers, their favorite products and the companies that serve them. Proximity Marketing with bluetooth beacons is the hottest growth hack in a digital sales process that is closing the gaps between offline and online sales.

The idea of Proximity, the physical location of a product offer with respect to the consumer, involves a new dimension previously untapped given the limits of technology until recent years. Sometimes called hyperlocal marketing, Proximity Marketing uses bluetooth beacon technology to send marketing messages to smartphone users who are in close vicinity to a beacon.

While the audience is limited to those in the proximity of the beacon broadcast, the notification is very user-friendly and reaches those that have positioned themselves most likely to buy.

Why Should You Care?

Our Research show the facts when it comes to the value of Proximity Marketing with a bluetooth beacon and mobile marketing:bluetooth beacons

  1. 53% of consumers are willing to share their current location to receive more relevant and personalized offers.
  2. 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with location-based marketing.
  3. 62% of consumers share local offerings with friends.
  4. 63% of consumers feel a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing.

Targeted offers based on proximity leads to higher conversion rates. Our research also shows that interactions with advertised products increased 19 times higher for users who received a beacon notification.

How Is The Bluetooth Beacon Marketing An Effective Tool For Generating Higher ROI? 

Proximity Marketing has tremendous revenue-producing potential, allowing everything from retailers in small business, entrepreneurs, and home-based businesses to deepen their connection with consumers, encourage more loyalty and greatly improve the customer experience. All of these factors combine to make Proximity Marketing and bluetooth beacon marketing very effective tools to generate higher ROI for marketers.

What Is Bluetooth Beacon Marketing?

For starters, a battery powered bluetooth beacon is deployed throughout a location that transmits a bluetooth low energy signal known as BLE. Once the beacons are deployed, mobile devices will pick up the BLE signal when in proximity to them and a notification will be sent directly to the mobile device with a contextual rich message.

Consumers receive these contextual rich notifications and with a tap of the thumb are engaged with a customized user experience. This experience ranges from discounts, suggestive selling, and more.

The connection between marketers and consumers offered by beacons came at the perfect time. Statistics show that consumers are more than willing to use their mobile devices as a means to improve their shopping efficiencies and experiences. Either by shortening the time spent shopping or getting perks and discounts.

Marketers should understand that the success of bluetooth beacon marketing depends on the perceived value offered to consumers.

With the recent proximity boom beacon technology trends have shown small businesses, entrepreneurs, and home-based businesses are abandoning old marketing strategies of selling products one time and shifting their efforts to create more digital systems within their sales process, to include recurring purchases or subscriptions.

The more a brand engages with consumers, the greater the chance for consumer to buy from them as long as the brand can provide value to them. Engagement from a brand not only multiples their efforts, it offers a whole new experience to the consumer, it opens up an omnichannel marketing strategy never before seen.

How The Bluetooth Beacon Is Creating The Omnichannel Sales Reality

Bluetooth beacons are a huge part in changing the retail sales scene. Listen, don’t get hung up on retail sales being inclusive to department stores. With technology a retailer means a whole host of people and channels for consumers to receive value from.

In fact, success means connecting with your most important customer, the omnichannel consumer.

Omnichannel means nothing more or less than a multi-channel approach to sales that seeks to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re shopping online, from a mobile device, by telephone, or in a brick-and-mortar store.

 According to the data shared from Google, much of the last 3 holiday shopping seasons are from mobile clicks. Yes, you heard that right, the thumb is in charge!

Mobile shopping clicks exceeded those on the desktop as shoppers made their purchase decisions on the go. Consumers are no longer deciding or discriminating between mobile and desktop when it comes to shopping. Data shows from the buying behavior it doesn’t matter whether that’s in a store or on an e-commerce site.

Bluetooth beacon marketing doesn’t just drive e-commerce, it is actually getting people safely back into the physical market place. This new sphere of influence isn’t limited to store entrance either. With bluetooth beacon marketing it is also about harnessing the traffic in and around said brands and exposure.

71% of consumers who use smartphones for buying decision research say that it’s become a vital part of the experience. Smartphones have become the personal shopping assistant for consumers once they are in or around those offerings.

This is opening up a new piece of real estate for marketers. Marketers are able to ensure, with the simplicity of these new channels and lower cost i.e. bluetooth beacon, they approaching these new buying behaviors to improve over all channels a more valuable asset to their consumers. You see as entrepreneurs we have to realize a shopper who buys from us either offline or online is our most valuable customer. In fact, the data shows these shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel.

Bluetooth beacons play a big part of your omnichannel marketing strategy because they enable you to connect to those consumers right where they want that connection. On their smartphones.

Having the understanding that bluetooth beacons are gold mines in delivering you the customer behavioral data, sounds complicated, rest assured it’s not. At Beacon Trends and Legacy Marketing Network, the marketing arm, we have the training and coaching in place to help you drive this shopper behavioral data piece.

How To Measure The Omnichannel Shopping Behavior With Bluetooth Beacon Marketing

At a very basic level you will need to first understand important factors about the targeted audiences, (customer), demographics. Like, gender, demographic, location, website browsing habits, how they use search engines to improve their shopping experience, and where they actually shop in your local communities.

Bluetooth beacons help you measure all of the touch points on a customer’s journey into the buying process. Combining offline, online, and device data at each touch point helps increase the measurement systems. Each touch point helps your beacon marketing platform track the customer’s journey through each channel, providing a holistic view of how a valuable customer makes a purchase.

This data will help you dial in each sales process and answer some very important questions about your targeted audience.

Questions like, Do they shop across a mix of online and offline channels before making a purchase? Are they likely to visit your mobile site? Has their purchase frequency increased as a result from specific marketing campaigns. Is mobile assisting them in purchasing when they are exposed to the offerings. Which marketing channel or ad type would be most helpful for them into a nearby location of that offer.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to retail sale a network marketing product then don’t let this be overwhelming. It really is simple to understand. We help you engage your consumers with the same authority and systems. It is just having the paradigm shift from recruiting into making retail sales of your company’s products.

Bluetooth beacons will not help you recruit into business opportunities. In fact, we are witnessing a huge shift in mindset for Network Marketers. For years the industry has led network marketing professionals to believe the only way to have a business in the Network Marketing arena is to recruit their team members. Understand this if you don’t leave this post with any other value.

You will never have a business until you make a retail sale. Recruiting into your opportunity is a secondary function. Network Marketing companies are beginning to realize this as well.

Which brings me to my last point. If you are using bluetooth beacons to pitch your opportunity, then you are doomed for failure. It is part of Google guidelines that no business opportunities be used in conjunction with bluetooth beacons. Google will shut down your beacon campaigns immediately. They have even gone as far as blacklisting the domains associated with those beacon campaigns.

I want to bring this post to a close on a more positive note. Here is how I’m going to do that. If you are a Network Marketer, Entrepreneur, or a Small Business owner that wants to leverage bluetooth beacon marketing in your business then click here and sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with Karlyn and I.

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